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Business Strategy

We compete not to be the BEST, but to be UNIQUE.

We have developed and integrated a sustainable vision into our long-term corporate strategic plan that operates to fulfill not only business interests but also fulfil the interests of the environment and society. SAB360 Corporate provides sustainable solutions to reduce the negative impacts on environment and society that business operations does while demonstrating compliance.


The agro-based industry incorporates industries identified with materials, sugar, paper and vegetable oil. These businesses utilize rural items as their crude materials. The industry completely relies on the yield creation to fabricate their items. We will provide organic food items. Which will be completely safe to consume as Bangladesh is a over populated country there is need for food more than anything. To reach the demand of population we need to produce more food and that food should be harmless. SAB360 promise to produce fully organic food, which is not harmful and will be tested by experts. After the approval of the experts we will move on to our next step.


SAB360 want to expand logical water culture practice in the country part of Bangladesh. The raised item will be marked as natural items those will be offered to neighborhood showcase. SAB360 wants to encourage the rural youth to build up such type of farm and develop the economy. We want to inspire the fish ranchers for coordinated fish cultivating. Also excel up the nutrition supply in the community and leads the ranch into a huge scale.


We help the prime power, oil, combustible gas, and administration associations expand top-and essential concern execution while rapidly changing in accordance with rule, advancement, and natural concerns. Extended capital spending, change in vitality final offer and advancement are just two or three the dangerous issues control generators face today. We also help our clients make the official models that assurance all exercises (current, new, and picked up) use comparable standards, best practices, and approaches to manage constant improvement.


SAB360 Consultants help you get a large portion of your innovation to turn into a precisely digitalized association.

We help you get an enormous bit of your development to transform into an actually absolutely digitalized affiliation. In the correspondences, media, and advancement ventures, associations are placing billions in development—to update their frameworks, to digitize their associations, to improve arrange, to fix up strategies. With such expansive advancements under way, mechanical learning and hunch are key. We help set up affiliations investigate the challenges of prevailing in the new economy—moving at a pace that considers both market-driving improvement and proceeded with advancement. We help affiliations change from the back to front and at scale by putting aside the push to represent the right request and truly grasp what innovation infers for you.


In this sector, we will be focusing on different kind of development training and most importantly on education sector. Other than that our second major priority is on export import. At SAB360, we understand that people begin from different preparing establishments and may have different needs and concerns. Our gave guides, teachers and counselors are reliably inside reach to ensure that we give our understudies and clients the best getting ready, appeal and bearing all through their touch at SAB360. Our point is to give the most raised standard of academic direction and development appeal at the most sensible costs.


We work on urban and semi urban construction project: government or non- government projects. Real state is one of the major priority sector of SAB360.

Welcome to SAB360 Corporate

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to build trust and enhance teamwork to proactively revolutionize cost effective innovative catalysts for better sustainable solutions while maintaining highest standards and promoting personal employee growth.


To help in creating a sustainable future.

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Board of Director's Message

Today's market conditions demand the right strategies, which could include increasing resources, new products and channels of distribution, creating cross-selling opportunities and collaboration between our companies.

We would like to thank all our staff, business partners, clients, investors and supporters in all areas for their support and trust. Please be assured that SAB360 will run a growing and stable business based on sustainable growth, taking into account the needs of all shareholders.

The secret to "sustainable success" is creativity. With this in mind, SAB360 is able to evaluate every day from a new perspective while maintaining the measurable presence of the culture of innovation across the business. All our plans are designed to help us achieve our goal just as all the steps that we take at national and international level are planned around it.


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